SPRING CALLS, Lastwolf listens

The fields are blooming, the trees turn into emeralds, the last snows melt, and the mountains change their colors… when spring comes, the wolves emerge from the shadows.

All signs point to the arrival of a new season and although the official beginning of spring can be found on the calendar, subtle signs from Mother Nature are also indicators, and wolves in their natural state also let us know that a new season has arrived, for they too have begun to change their winter coats and have replaced them with a light coat.

 Wolf with cub


Like a wolf shedding its fur, At Lastwolf® we welcome spring with a renewed face and a new Experience. We recognize and explore our beautiful landscapes, our big lakes, and why not dive on them. This season we are creating something comfortable for spring, and that is why our designers and our expert leather masters have developed a magnificent line of overshirts among other products. A light and versatile jacket for the outdoor experience. These warm days will have no excuse for not wearing a leather jacket.

 Leather tools

Look forward to our Lastwolf spring releases!

March 22, 2022 — LastWolf USA

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