Unveiling the Mysteries of Dakota

While visiting South Dakota, I had the incredible opportunity to make a stop at The Crazy Horse Memorial, just a few miles southwest of Rapid City.  A 60-minute ride of breathtaking mountains and landscapes gave me the chance to engage with the unearthing depths of the captivating Native American culture.


Crazy Horse Memorial


Their unique traditions, customs, and mythology left me utterly fascinated. By listening to their stories and teachings, I gained a wider understanding of their deep spiritual connection with nature and the importance to preserve their heritage.


Breathtaking Landscapes and Symbolisms

Dakota Landscape

Dakota's awe-inspiring landscapes served as a breathtaking canvas for my immersion into Native American mythology. From the majestic mountains to the expansive prairies and serene lakes, every element carried profound symbolism.


Cave Paintings

The power of the thunderbird and the resilience of the bison resonated with their spiritual beliefs and cultural identity. Drawing inspiration from these magnificent natural wonders, I knew our new leather jacket design had to respect and honor this beauty when inspiring our contemporary aesthetics. 

The Inception of the Design

Native American Symbols

Upon my return from Dakota, I was brimming with inspiration and determination. Guided by the stories and symbols shared, our artisans and designers painstakingly crafted the design for this piece. Countless sketches and prototypes led us to create a leather jacket that encapsulates the essence of the Dakotas. Each piece turns out in a wearable work of art, respectfully embodying its wisdom and cultural significance with the utmost reverence.


Embracing our Culture:


Our Dakota Jacket tells captivating stories, connecting you to the ancient wisdom and symbolic depth of the Native American Culture. We aim to preserve the remarkable legacy of the American Traditions ensuring they endure for generations to come. We are Lastwolf, we are the tradition keepers.






August 19, 2023 — LastWolf USA

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