Step in into the wild, to the freedom, to the independence.
This journey is all about you.

Can you hear the whisper of nature in the middle of a highway against the fog or in a shore of a lake? If you been through that, you know what we are talking about.

Adventure always awaits right around the corner, and we know where these adventures are, all the small things that make us enjoy ourselves on a daily basis and the big things that define us. The roughness of living in the city or the experience of being in the country. This might be a bumpy ride but Oh God! We are enjoying it.

If you think like this, you may know life and actions are like a wolf stepping out from the shadows, slowly, and patiently awaiting. If so, now you are one of us. You are a Lastwolf®.

In this life's journey, the best thing we can do is to join you. Your past and most of all, the trip that is ahead. Let’s be witnesses together of that strong attitude of respect for nature.

All our jackets have a goal to accomplish. Whether if it is to hit the road, on your daily hard work, or even to wear in your fearless weekends.

We are a suggestion for the next adventure and for that, we have what you need for every possible scenario. We only give you what you deserve, the best leather, the best craftsmanship quality, a fair price and the best experience. After all, you have earned it.

We are the heritage, we are the last ones, we are the guardians of tradition. We have survived! We are the Lastwolf®.

Are you willing to join the pack?

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June 08, 2021 — LastWolf USA

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