Hear From Our Pack
Hear From Our Pack
My teammates in California got their jackets and they are thrilled! Several told me that it's probably the highest-quality jacket they'll ever own.
— Marketing Google Team
Hear From Our Pack
As Scarecrows, our image on stage is as crucial as our music. Lastwolf truly understood our vibe and delivered custom jackets that went beyond our expectations.
— The Scarecrows


How can I customize a leather jacket for my team or company?

Begin by choosing a base style for your leather jackets. You can customize adding patches, names or logos.

Can I order different sizes for each team member?

Absolutely, you can choose from S to XXL sizes

Is there a minimum order quantity for custom jackets?

For custom leather jackets, we have a minimum order quantity of 12 jackets.

Are there discounts for bulk orders?

We offer significant discounts for bulk orders of custom leather jackets, ranging from 30% to 40% off our standard pricing.

How long does it take to produce custom jackets?
  1. 12 Jackets - 30 Days
  2. 24 to 36 Jackets - 45 Days
  3. 48 or More Jackets - 60 Days





Premium Leather JAckets

For over 40 years we have been in the development of many of the finest leather jacket brands around the globe. Perhaps we have been the experience behind that leather jacket you bought years ago and still wearing as it was the first time.

Our goal is to respect and maintain the artesian way of making the greatest leather jacket.

Lastwolf's Leather Jackets Styles

Varsity Jackets

Capture the spirit of timeless Americana with our Varsity Leather Jacket. Merging classic sports heritage with modern masculinity, this jacket is a standout piece.

Bomber Leather Jackets

Ideal for both casual and semi-formal looks, our bomber jacket is a staple piece for those who appreciate understated elegance and lasting quality.

Moto Leather Jackets

Ideal for a man who wants to add a touch of rebellious spirit to his wardrobe, our Moto Jacket stands at the crossroads of daring and sophistication.

Racer Leather Jackets

Perfect for those who prefer elegance with an edge, our Racer Jacket is a symbol of sophistication for the fast-paced, contemporary man.

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