The Path of the Wolf
The Path of the Wolf
"Lastwolf's dedication to maintaining quality and heritage sets it apart from other companies in an industry constantly evolving with new trends. Their jackets are more than apparel; they are emblems of a storied legacy. Every stitch narrates tales of freedom, adventure, and the American spirit."
— GQ
The Path of the Wolf
"Customers Not Only Acquire-High Quality Leather Jackets But Also Embrace A Lifestyle That Appreciates Authenticity, Skillful Craftmanship & Timeless Elegange"
— The Ritz Herald
The Path of the Wolf
"Lastwolf Has Quickly Become The Go-To Brand For Fasion-Consicous Men Due To Its Emphasis On Crafting Affordable, Stylish, And High-Quality Leather Jackets"
— Digital Journal
The Path of the Wolf
"Lastwolf Honors Tradition, Craft Excellence, And Inspires Men Across America!
— Voyage New York
About Us

Leather Masters

For over 40 years we have been in the development of many of the finest leather jacket brands around the globe. Perhaps we have been the experience behind that leather jacket you bought years ago and still wearing as it was the first time. Our goal is to respect and maintain the artesian way of making the greatest leather jacket.

We know what a high-quality garment requires. With a solid global supply chain and our highly experienced craftsmanship process we have created the perfect jacket at a fair price.