Fort William Henry: Echoes of Lake George’s Storied Past

The "Queen of American Lakes", Lake George, lies tucked away at the southeast foot of the Adirondack Mountains in northeastern New York. This amazing location is well known for its stunning natural surroundings and lengthy historical past. Fort William Henry, an amazing structure that represents Lake George's past, sits at the center of this legacy.


This fort was built by the British in 1755 during the French and Indian War, and behind its walls are tales of wars won and lives lived. As a sign of its regal history, it was named after two of King George II's royal grandchildren. The fort witnessed violent battles as the war intensified, the most prominent of which was the 1757 siege that resulted in its destruction by French forces.

The fort's strategic significance declined in the following years, and it sat abandoned, gradually overtaken by nature. Its importance wasn't overlooked, though. Fort William Henry was methodically rebuilt in the middle of the 20th century, bringing it back from the dead. It now functions as a well-known tourist destination and museum, providing a palpable window into the colonial past in the area.

Americade Rally: An Anthem to the Brotherhood of Motorcycling



As it hosts the Americade Rally each year, the historic Lake George becomes a center of excitement, vigor, and fellowship. This occasion, which many in the motorcycle community view as a pilgrimage, is a lavish celebration of shared interests and experiences. The rally celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2023, a significant milestone that attracted more than 50,000 bikers nationwide.


Lastwolf’s Journey Through the Scenic Terrain of Lake George


Lake George

Lastwolf Leather Jackets has the privilege of being at the center of this legendary event as the proud sponsor of Americade 2023. We savored the fusion of adrenaline and camaraderie that Americade embodies amid the lovely woods, the serene waters of Lake George, and the echoes of its historic past.


lake george

The Varied Palette of Experiences at Americade 2023


The Americade Rally in 2023 was a sensory extravaganza. There were numerous events taking place every day that catered to a variety of interests. The exhilarating stunt performances displayed some of the best motorcycle riders, pushing the limits of what is possible on two wheels. The magic shows offered a sense of wonder and surprise that captivated audiences of all ages.



The display resembled a crowded market with stalls selling goods with different specializations. There was something for everyone: live music performances, motorcycle accessories, fashionable yet functional clothes, motorcycle sales, and garage services. Lastwolf proudly showcased its collection of high-end leather jackets while mingling with other motorcycle lovers and exchanging tales of the open road amid the boom of engines and the hum of passionate conversations.

The Lastwolf Contribution to Americade’s Grand Raffle


Americade Lastwolf Banner

Beyond the advertisement, we were involved with Americade. We donated a Leather Duffle Bag and two of our iconic Leather Jackets to the grand raffle in keeping with the giving and communal attitude that characterizes Americade. An unforgettable chapter in our Americade journey was added when the victors happily took their prizes.

The Roaring Symphony of Engines and the Spectacle of Fireworks: Americade’s Grand Finale



Throughout the Americade week, booming motors could be heard on Lake George's winding roadways. Every type of motorcycle you can think of—from reliable touring bikes to chic choppers, from aerodynamic racing machines to sentimental classics—has experienced its heyday.

The grand finale was breathtaking. Over Lake George, a magnificent fireworks display lit up the night sky, reflecting spectacularly off the water. Awestruck by the stunning display, thousands of riders stood beside their motorcycles, joined by a love of the open road and the Americade spirit.

Lastwolf’s Call to the Open Road: Carry the Spirit of Americade with You


Motorcycle riding has an inherent sense of freedom and adventure; it's not just about getting where you're going but also about enjoying the route. At Lastwolf, we have a thorough understanding of this. Our  Indiana Dunes Moto Leather Jacket offers comfort, style, and durability all in one package to enhance your journey.

Long after the engines have cooled and the pyrotechnics have faded, we encourage you to continue the spirit of Americade. Wear the Indiana Dunes Moto Leather Jacket and go wherever the road takes you with a piece of Americade.

Visit the official Americade website. for more details and to make travel arrangements for upcoming Americade rallies.

June 06, 2023 — LastWolf USA

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