To know the origin of the café racer, you must go to London in the middle of the last century. Among the young Londoners of that time a movement emerged that mixed motorcycles, rock'n'roll, leather jackets, speed, and illegal racing. Their encounter points were "cafés" on the outskirts of the city, which remained open at night.

Its American equivalent would be a Bobber or a Chopper. The name, although belongs to urban legend, it seems that it was born by uniting those coffee shops with the races that young people use to play between each coffee and that lasted as much as a song on the local jukebox.




Specifying the definition one step further, the Cafe Racer were nothing more than normal motorcycles that the owners transformed to improve their performance and handling. Transformations that focused on these enhancements but used to forget things like comfort. In this way sports handlebars were installed, larger capacity gas tanks, individual seats and set foot pegs to adapt the rider's position as aerodynamic as possible. Everything else was considered superfluous and was therefore unceremoniously removed from the bike.


                  cafe-racer   cafe-racer-vintage  


The Cafe Racer jacket, which share their name with the lightweight and minimalist motorcycles optimized for high speed, are not only useful for those who ride, but have left their mark on fashion history as a piece that has stood the test of time. Leather jackets are masculine to begin with, and cafe racer takes it to another level. They are the best jackets for "cool guys", go with everything and can take a hit when it comes to designing an outfit. Cafe Racer jackets are simple and tight-fitting, with a short, banded collar, you don't want any extra fabric to fly when you're going 80mph on your bike, right?


                 racer-jacket.    vintage-racer


The Racer Jacket quickly positioned itself as the favorite jacket for motorcycle riders who didn’t limit themselves only to speedways and races, but also who have successfully carried-on their style into the streets and avenues in America and Europe.



This is the reason why, since the 1950’s, these Racer Jackets became popular amongst young people and soldiers coming back from WWII; they found in speed and in their Racer Jacket, freedom, tranquility, and a sense of belonging once they re-connected with their hometowns.



At Lastwolf®, we rescued the essence of the Racer and polished our processes to maintain the simplicity and beauty that identifies and respect the origins of the garment with materials and characteristics that will allow you to have a great look and extreme comfort; silk-soft leather, snap banded-collar, sturdy yet flexible zippers to provide protection and moving-comfort in any activity and more. At the end you don't need to be a biker to wear a leather jacket and look and feel amazing.

September 07, 2021 — LastWolf USA

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