For Lastwolf, Groundhog Day is a very special day as it is the same day as Lastwolf’s anniversary. This American tradition is celebrated in many American towns and even in Canada, however, it is the Phil marmot from Punxsutawney, in the state of Pennsylvania, the most famous, with a tradition of more than a century, in which every February 2, an attempt is made to predict how long winter will be based on Phil's behavior.

It was on a snowy winter day, exactly on February 2nd some years ago, just at the very same Groundhog Day that Lastwolf history was written. 

The idea was to design and develop great real leather jackets of amazing quality accessible to everyone, without having to pay excessive prices or suffering from imitations of questionable quality, Lastwolf delivers a strong concept and a great product, based on a perfect design for real people. Since that day we have been listening to our customers, becoming part of our pack’s life, and sharing their values; family, friends, teamwork, and of course, respect for the tradition of the well handmade Leather Jacket.

This is how we considered the day of the groundhog, the day of the foundation of Lastwolf, and the meaning that it conveys; not only the prediction of the arrival of spring but also the rebirth of life itself. The experience of rediscovery, the evolution of ideas, and the opportunity to reinvent ourselves and to be better each time.

Join us to celebrate this Groundhog Day the foundation day of this exciting project.


Happy Birthday, Lastwolf!

January 28, 2023 — LastWolf USA

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