There are always good opportunities to enjoy seasons, and you might be the kind of person that is looking for new and exciting challenges. If so, skiing is a perfect adventure! The United States offers some of the most breathtaking ski destinations in the world that you can still squeeze out of this winter! We've compiled a list of the top 5 spots to visit:

Vail, colorado


Vail, Colorado - With its vast ski terrain, charming village, and world-class slopes, Vail is a ski experience you won't soon forget.
Parkcity, Utah

Park City, Utah - This former mining town has been transformed into a ski lover's paradise, with over 7,300 skiable acres, a lively nightlife, and endless opportunities for adventure.


Aspen, Colorado - Known for its luxurious lifestyle and star-studded crowds, Aspen offers world-class skiing and a quaint town atmosphere that will make you feel like you've stepped back in time.

lake Tahoe Cabin

Lake Tahoe, California - Surrounded by natural beauty, Lake Tahoe offers ski opportunities on both the California and Nevada sides, with a range of resorts to choose from.

Jackson Hole Ski Area

Jackson Hole, Wyoming - For those looking for a true challenge, Jackson Hole offers steep terrain and plenty of powder, along with a rugged Western vibe that will make you feel like a true cowboy.

In addition to your ski gear, a high-quality leather jacket is an essential piece of any ski trip. Here are 3 styles that are perfect for the all-time winter adventurer:

Bomber jacket
shearling leather jacket
racer leather jacket

The Bomber Jacket

The Shearling Jacket

The Racer Jacket

This versatile jacket is perfect for layering over your ski gear, with a ribbed collar and cuffs, and a zippered front. You can always pair your leather jacket with classic blue denim for a timeless look that's perfect for a casual night out at the ski resort or set a black ensemble - Dress up your leather jacket by pairing it with an all-black outfit consisting of black skinny jeans, a black turtleneck, and ankle boots.

Stay warm and stylish with this jacket that features a shearling lining and a leather exterior. Keep it simple and casual by pairing this leather jacket with a basic t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers, or achunky knit sweater, jeans, and ankle boots willlet you stay cozy and stylish.

This classic style features metal zippers and a silhouette that will give you a bold and adventurous look. Add a touch of edge to your outfit by pairing your leather jacket with a utility jumpsuit and ankle boots.

With these styles, you can't miss your skiing trip and enjoy winter until the end of it!


February 18, 2023 — LastWolf USA

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