With the same sense of pride that fraternity’s members and university teams have been wearing their Letterman Jackets since 19th century with their emblems and distinctive patches on them, at Lastwolf we are so proud of hand crafting our Varsity Jackets achieving the optimum balance between comfort, performance, and design, respecting the original principles of making the great Varsity Jacket.


Principle one: The thicker, the better.

All our Varsity Jackets are produced with 26oz Melton merino wool, top of the line when it comes to the wool fabrics.  Melton wool was developed in the Leicestershire town of Melton Mowbray, England, from which it derives its name. It is a thick fabric which gives a felt-like smooth surface and is wind and weather resistant. That way we ensure protective comfort and warmth.  As if it was not enough, we add a soft touch quilted lining in diamond form to match the styles of the 60´s and 70's. The jacket is thicker but not heavier, so we don’t get lost in terminology ;)


Wool varsity jacket


Alfa Varsity jacket.  Principle two: All emblems and applications must be hand sewn.

From the minds and hearts of our crafted masters, the Alfa Varsity Jacket comes into life from one of the most difficult and oldest stitching techniques in the world: The chain stitch. On top of it we added a higher level of craftmanship engraving our Lastwolf® name stitch by stitch, across front panels, conveying our legacy and heritage. On the back, a genuine leather hand sewn patch reads the word “wolf” in the classic Greek alphabet as a main reference to fraternities’ basic rules.


varsity jacket Alfa 


Pine Varsity jacket. Principle three: Naked Cowhide Leather. No corrections to leather allowed.

Sleeves made from our iconic naked cow hide, our Pine Varsity Jacket, honors the 3rd principle. Naked means “as it comes”. This is perhaps one of the most difficult leather finishes to achieve, since leather has NO corrections after the drumming process,  just ink in the needed color. Selection of leather at its best.


 Varsity Jacket Pine


Baker Mount Varsity jacket. Principle four: Cover up from windy days.

Our Baker Mount Varsity jacket has a ribbed fold over neck, ribbed cuffs with leather cuff protector and a natural tan cowhide sleeves with a suede-ish touch. The beautiful Melton wool properties in navy blue becomes just appropriate to look so cool but feel soft & warmth on cold and windy days.


Vasity Jacket


At Lastwolf, each one of our varsity jacket is designed with a purpose: honor the legacy of this timeless garment and transcend with this long lasting jacket. It sounds like a win


October 02, 2021 — LastWolf USA

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