The Harvard College Baseball team had played that tough season winning 6 games against semi-professional teams. Although organized baseball had started a few years earlier, this was the school's first intercollegiate season. It was 1865 and those were also the origins of the Varsity Jacket.




Back then the Harvard uniform was basically a thick knit gray flannel sweater with the giant "H" stitched down the center. They soon became known as "letterman" sweaters.

The story goes that although H letter sweaters were soon provided to each player, the players who participated in the biggest games of the year were allowed to keep their own, while the rest had to return them at the end of the season.


The Harvard football team is said to have adopted letter sweaters 10 years later. Cardigans then gained popularity over jerseys, so it was necessary to change the letter from the center of the chest to the left.



Soon, teams from different schools and universities throughout the country already had letter sweaters, which were also joined by high schools.

It was around 1930 that the university jacket acquired the identity, structure, and materials with which we know it today: wool body, leather sleeves and distinctive letters in chenille.

                                   LETTERMAN SWEATER

Although the varsity jacket has undergone many changes throughout its history, what remains as a DNA is the strong sense of achievement and success that its history undoubtedly confers on it.

Retro has never stopped being a trend, some silhouettes are here to stay and continue to appear again and again over the years, and the varsity jacket is one of them.

It is quite well known films and series inspired by the 50s as part of the uniforms of university athletes, however its power went beyond the world of sports. Today is already a fundamental part of a good wardrobe and although it is a jacket similar to the bomber, it is a bit more colorful and is distinguished more than anything by its contrasting leather sleeves,  wool body and the distinctive emblems.

Tips to consider when wearing your Varsity Jacket:

  • - It is not a costume, do not wear the full uniform
  • - Don't use it too big, it can be relaxed, but too big it can look messy
  • - Combine smartly with garments that are not necessarily sporty
  • - It is the main garment, try to keep the rest with subtle elements



At Lastwolf we are pleased to offer this iconic piece of garment: THE VARSITY JACKET. Made in the traditional way and based in the styles used back then with minor twists to adequate to our days. We truly want you to feel the history and pride that this garment conveys.


October 08, 2021 — LastWolf USA

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