History of The Trucker Jacket


Few fashion items can claim their history goes hand in hand with that of a country, and for America, it is the “Denim Jacket”. 

The denim work jacket, in a way that we would recognize today, dates from the early 1870s. Before then, most of the workwear clothing used to be simplified or adapted dress clothing and work jackets normally with wide shoulders or chests in simple designs.


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At that time, the only garments better designed to comply with specific requirements were the military clothing, however for the common workers, only very basic work clothes or worn dress coats were the only option.


History of The Trucker Jacket


The high demand for workwear between 1850s and 1890s due to the gold rush and the farms settlements beyond the western frontier, made new companies mass-produce affordable workwear designed to last longer and to be more comfortable to use under harsh conditions. Originally crafted to be worn by cowboys, miners, and railroad workers in the late 1880’s, the jacket just like our country, has evolved and adapted to new needs and forms.


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Its most famous version The Tracker was born in 1962. and it was described by some as the jacket "to rule them all”. This model with its distinctive shape is the third-generation jean jacket.

This classic piece of Americana worn by cowboys and surfers alike can also be found in Hollywood’s big screen and the wardrobes of the rich and famous. Stars in classic 50’s movies, like James Dean's iconic character in Rebel Without a Cause. or Elvis Presley in Jailhouse Rock, made significant cultural impact on American fashion.


Trucker Jacket Elvis Presley


On the music circles, from John Lennon to Bruce Springsteen's with his all-American denim wardrobe on the Born in the USA in the mid-'80s, to today, jean jackets defy convention, exemplify individuality, and represent the anti-establishment cool.

The denim jacket is a symbol of the American culture, and it has become an icon of XXI Century dressing.

At Lastwolf®, we have captured its essence and crafted our Elbert Button jackets keeping the traditional design adding a degree of coolness that only leather can bring, allowing you to become the leader of the pack.




July 12, 2021 — LastWolf USA

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