Making a Jacket (Part I)


To be able to create a piece of art, you must have the awareness of all your senses to their highest level, the same way we elevate our own in selecting and processing the leather that will go along wherever the road takes you.

Our leather products meet the most demanding quality standards to ensure your satisfaction and fulfill your expectations. It is our commitment to provide you with the best and we take this very seriously. Each leather selection process is uniquely handled, but what becomes common is the knowledge, the experience, the instinct and senses of our skilled craftsmen. This is something that makes us special, and it guarantees you the best experience with your leather jacket.


Inspección de cuero



When the leather arrives to our facilities, the first sense used is the smell; the unmistakable smell from the great piece of leather that automatically connects with our brain where it evokes a sense of security, comfort, and satisfaction. The incomparable smell of fine leather.

We combined our eye-sight and touch senses with the sunlight. We slide our fingertips slowly over each inch of the leather creating a connection between the nature of the material and our craftsmen. This is a process that cannot be rushed, selecting only the best parts of the best leather sheets.


Our skilled artisans use a very sharpened blade to hand cut each of the leather pieces that will create your jacket.  All handmade, with a firm and perfect artistic cut.


 Cutting leather


The number of pieces that form a Lastwolf® jacket varies according to design. You can get a good idea of it, by getting to know our version of the famous iconic Trucker Jackets.

A complex crafting process, but its outcome is a simple straight classic cut look, yet contemporary.


 parts of the jacket

July 05, 2021 — LastWolf USA

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