“It was a day like today, but 76 years ago. Another foggy day with winds of hopelessness in the forest of Constantia, NY when Beth heard a shy knocking at her door. When opening, she could not believe what her eyes were looking. The rundown figure of her husband Kiefer. A member of the "Mighty Eighth”.

But she heard the news! and knew this could be just an illusion. Moved by a mere reflex she leaned in to hug him, just to see if what her eyes were seeing was real. Luckily the illusion hugged her back. The smell of leather, dust, and victory washed all over her. The war was finally over…”

At 245 years from Jefferson’s epic words: “All men are created equal…”, to the iconic Eisenstaedt´s victory day kiss photograph, stories like Beth & Kiefer’s, are an essential part of our country history of greatness and struggle for freedom.

Join us celebrate the honor and pride of the American History that is also our jackets’ history. A good leather jacket, just like these stories, simply never goes out of style.

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June 29, 2021 — Lievant-Web

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