History of Bomber Jackets

Over a century ago, intrepid men took to the air to defend their country in very precarious planes. No one ever imagined that an essential survival element of their uniform would become a fashion icon that like their planes evolved throughout history.

Today, it is hard to imagine a man’s wardrobe without a Bomber Jacket on any of its many cool urban expressions.


During this journey from a must have military garment for pilots to the closets of many, several subcultures have adopted it.

At the onset, it became a symbol of rebellion and a visual expression of belonging to the tough guy or counterculture circles, who traveled a fine line between legality and the underground world in Europe and the US.


Fashion house leaders also joined this rebellious image and started to feature it on their collections reshaping its image according to their own interpretation of culture and coolness.

From fifth avenue to the fashionable Hollywood circles where it was a featured in films with major stars like Steve McQueen, in The Hunter, Harrison Ford's Indiana Jones character in the Raiders of the Lost Ark and Top Gun, the movie that made Tom Cruise, a household name, it leaves its unmistakable mark of style and appreciation for design from the man who wears it.


Regardless, if you move in the Hollywood or the Wall Street circles or like to enjoy a pint in a pub in London, or at a Pittsburgh boutique brewery, we are sure that any of our Lastwolf® Urban Collection’s Bomber Jackets will give you the awesome feeling of leaving your own mark as the leader of the pack.

Whether is black, brown, or gray suede, all of them in lamb leather, our Black Elk Bomber Jacket defines an evolutionary style that refuses to go out of style.



June 22, 2021 — LastWolf USA
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