Making a Biker Leather Jacket takes more than sewing. Takes knowledge and precision all the way through; the right cut, the right fit, the right stitching. Each piece of the jacket has a name and a place. It can’t be changed from one garment to the other. That’s what makes it so special, so unique.


Countless leather cuts, snaps with the wolf brand in the interior, chunky zippered pockets, more snaps on shoulder tabs, a distinctive asymmetric front zipper and more… much more and only one craftsman from the beginning to the end and many years of experience.

 Selection, cutting, selection again, sewing, one artisan, one jacket from the beginning to the end. A liaison that can only be established between and artist and his masterpiece with pride, attitude, and passion, just the same elements a Biker Jacket possess. To be able to wear the Biker Jacket it requires personality, courage, and strength.

This iconic garment is manufactured with the traditional process that identifies several generations and created with the same values that will be with you every day. A process that has taken years to perfect aimed to fit your lifestyle that demands quality, comfort, and durability.

Since its origin the concept of the Biker Jacket was determination, ideals, principles, and convictions. Lastwolf® is your best partner to honor that.



July 30, 2021 — LastWolf USA

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