People have always had a very close, almost symbiotic, relationship with leather. It has been a precious element in the development of every civilization. The use of leather has gone far beyond human body protection. It has meant a lot more for man’s basic activities like agriculture, keeping livestock, storing food or water, horse riding, working tools, even warfare. Since Ancient times the processes of treating and preserving this material has also evolved and become highly sophisticated achieving resistance, durability, and beauty, all in benefit of human use.


Towards 1654, a rudimentary form of shoe production began in a small village called León, México. Many years later this industry would take a turn with the introduction of the railroad and, consequently, of modern machinery.


The artisan work of tannery and leather made of León a keystone of numerous family workshops that with years of hard work became exemplary companies.

By the end of the 1800s, the process of leather-tanning became perfected becoming what nowadays is: A great leather industry devoted to being recognized all over the world by producing the best quality leather under the premises of identity, respect, and pride.


leather manufacturers history


Leon now has over 200 years of experience in the tanning of leather and manufacturing process by the hand of highly experience craftsmen who inherit their knowledge, skills, and secrets from generations.




It’s in this great city where our biggest collaboration lay, a factory named Michael Alle Manufacturers, a highly relevant member of the pack with 3 generations to the leather jacket legacy.  They share with us their effort and applied knowledge to bring our dream and designs to life. We can say we have never saw anybody in the world working with such love and commitment like this allied.

The reality of building and reinforcing a heritage and a legacy give us a daily joy of doing what we do.

At Lastwolf we are, indeed, the tradition keepers.


August 29, 2021 — LastWolf USA

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