The history behind our jackets


With more than 40 years of experience in Leather Jackets, Lastwolf® respect and maintain the tradition and the artesian way of making them.  We know what a high-quality leather garment requires, not only the best materials but also the knowledge that comes with years and years of highly experienced craftsmanship, but mostly the passion and love for what we do. That’s how we have created the perfect jackets.

Each Lastwolf® jacket is not only a great garment. It’s much more... a true way of living that comes from the greatest American heritages: Freedom to live, great natural landscapings, majestic mountains, breathtaking forest, fog and snow... the incomparable freedom of the sun wind in your face!

Our jackets represents your different lifestyles, your day to day, your traditions.  Everything you value most in life: family, friends and community.


Bomber Jacket


This is how our Bomber Jacket, that has reinvented itself through decades, has become a stylish, functional, and timeless companion for your social city life. The great urban concept that get stronger every moment and becomes a distinctive seal for the asphalt heroes.


vintage cowboy trucker jacket


The incomparable Trucker Jacket in our Elbert Button Up version. Few fashion garments can claim their history goes hand in hand with that of a country, and for America, is the “Denim Jacket” that we have crafted keeping the traditional design but adding the coolness that only leather can give. A design that lives in any American mind!


men riding motorcycle in black biker jacket


When it comes to speed, action and rock & roll, our Racers and Biker Jackets are perhaps the most representative among all leather jackets.  Conceived for motorcyclists, its history has gained popularity and increasingly positioned itself in different strata and groups. The biker jacket is a classic that evokes the rebellious in each of us. That great wolf instinct that we all carry inside and who likes to go out and show his presence and leadership. A garment that has not changed drastically with the years; the archetypal construction, buttoned lapels and chunky zippers continue to be present in the classic asymmetric cut.


beard man in black b3 shearling jacket


If leather has strongly impacted on a jacket, it’s in the flight aviator jackets. From the early adventures of aviation where pilots froze in open-cockpit planes, to the latest high-tech fighter-bombers, few items are as representative of America as the flight jackets that have descended from planes to establish themselves in our society as a respectful tribute to our men of the air, becoming a basic element of wardrobes that never goes out of style. Lastwolf’s Flight Jacket and B3 Shearling are our humble homage to flight history.


Brown and blue varsity winter jacket


The history of the varsity jacket is itself a fundamental part of the history of this country. It is the competition and pride of the winners. An icon of the evolution of a young nation and its people who loves to live to the fullest. At Lastwolf, each one of our varsity jacket is designed with a purpose: honor the legacy of this timeless garment and transcend with this long-lasting jacket. The real way to win.

This is how we not only create beautiful and fine jackets. We also live, breathe and participate in their history and legacy. Each style has traced its path and left its own footprint impacting our society on its own or as an effect of celebrities that position them along the years.

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All of this is what we are. The tradition keepers. We are The Lastwolf

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February 17, 2022 — LastWolf USA

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