The impact that the world wars had on new technologies, materials, and of course clothing that were developed to give the combatants greater and better protection is undeniable. Such is the case with the well-known shearling aviator jacket.


Bombers WWI


In WWI, most airplanes did not have a closed cockpit, so pilots needed to wear something to keep warm, later WWII saw planes flying at even higher altitudes, causing temperatures to rise to the cockpit were even colder, so the need for a thick, warm flight jacket was considered essential equipment. 

After the establishment of the United States Army Aviation Clothing Board, highly resistant leather flight jackets began to be provided to keep pilots warm. Shearling Sheepskin Jackets were recognized as the most suitable flight jackets in those cold skies.


Bomber JAckets 

Most bomber crews received the Type B3 bomber jacket even though it was introduced in the mid-1930s. Many army officers, American and British, attached to the ground forces, somehow managed to procure one for themselves. Clearly, it was "the best thing to do" if you were an officer.

 Patton's Jacket


General George S. Patton was one of the most important American military strategists of World War II who customized a jacket with epaulettes on the shoulders to show off his famous stars. In the war photos of him with his jacket, this appears as the only custom addition. Wearing his custom-designed B-3 shearling jacket and belted with his two Colt 45s, Patton became an icon of this garment.



These coats have become very popular all over the world as they are very warm and comfortable. In the United States they also became popular in movies used by famous actors under the name of bomber jackets, particularly in colder areas. Few jackets currently hold the title of being the ultimate jacket for protection from harsh winter climates like the shearling versions of the B3.

Born out of the need to keep early pilots warm, flight jackets have become a global fashion staple to keep people warm and stylish.


Sherling Flight Jacket


Lastwolf’s version of this iconic jacket is made under a careful selection process of leathers chosen for their thickness, soft and warm texture, fully cut and individually hand-sewn by expert leather masters. We have made from this jacket a true piece of art.







December 30, 2021 — LastWolf USA

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